Areas of Expertise

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Business Accompaniment

Every self-employed or business owner has a main purpose, which is to generate profits for a long period. Many ventures and businesses with a great vision and full of potential have a lack of tools to translate their vision into profit. Contracting with a professional and experience consultant who will be able to identify the business nature, the dynamics and its goals in a short period of time, will provide any business, new or an existing, the tools for setting goals and objectives, finding the path to achieve them and meet the business vision.
Business consulting begins with understanding of the business structure, knowing the shareholders and the decision makers, the economic situation including the invested capital and debts, the marketing strategy etc. Upon the Completion of the thorough examination of the business, it will be clear to identify any problems in the business activity, to understand the strength of the business against its weaknesses in a variety of different areas and thus set goals and objectives in an organized schedule.
The financial consulting process includes a number of services:

Financial Advice

including cash flow management, working capital, performing economic analyzes and feasibility tests, conducting with financing entities, risk management and creating a budget adjusted to the business.

Marketing Consulting

including analysis of the business external environment, (market scope, existing competitors), understanding the business nature, (the product, strengths versus weaknesses), market segmentation to find the target audience, in order to formulate an appropriate marketing plan with accordance to the verity marketing channels such as Internet, Collaborations, etc.

Business Plan

which is a detailed document whose purpose is to diagnose the business profitability, from the moment it was established, determining the milestones, goals and the nature of the business itself.


Valuations using a current and accepted methodologies such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), profit multipliers, real options or a combination of one or more methodology. The first step of the process is analyzing the company’s financial statements, calculating the financial ratios upon the valuation date and understanding the state of the company. The second step of the process includes preparation of pro-forma statements for the expected cash flow with accordance to the chosen methodology and the determination of the required capitalization rate (WACC). The final step is discounting the expected cash flow to the valuations.

Project Finance

Project financing is the common financing method for projects combining the public sector with the private sector. Project financing includes several methods and techniques such as BOT, PPP, PFI, BOO and more. With extensive experience in the energy and infrastructure fields, we provide a wide range of services to various public sector organizations as well as to companies and entrepreneurs from the public sector. Our services tailored to each project in a unique manner including services such as:

  • Financial consulting in tender documents preparation for the public sector, include, inter alia, government ministries and local authorities
  • Creating complex financial models
  • Capital and debt raising
  • Performing a detailed risk management for financial entities
  • Debt analysis for lenders and debtors
  • Economic Review
  • Due diligence

Capitalization Table

The main tool for every start-up or entrepreneur is a Capitalization Table (or, in short, Cap Table). The Cap Table constitutes a mirror of the Company’s Articles of Association and enables an updated snapshot of the Company’s share capital holdings structure. The Cap Table includes details of the shareholders, the holding rate of each shareholder, the share price (PPS) and the monetary value.
The use of the Cap Table enables the shareholders to conduct an appropriate distribution of profits, to monitor the holding rates, to make decisions regarding additional investment rounds and to adapt anti-dilution mechanisms to the founding shareholders. Businesses with an entrepreneurial nature have an essential need for this tool since most of its capital raised against share and holding in the venture.
In addition to the legal advice required to manage properly the relationship between entrepreneurs and investors, it is necessary to ensure that the Cap Table constructed in the most accurate manner, without omitting details and with the implementation of all the mechanisms required by the Company’s Articles of Association. Since the holding rates of start-up companies change, relatively, in a short period, the absence of a standard Cap Table may lead the founding shareholders to an undesirable minority and loss of control over future investments and the company’s vision.
Furthermore, the Cap Table enables shareholders to execute various scenarios at each stage of future investments, the execution of a merger with another entrepreneur, options exercise, conversion of the convertible loan, and more.
Combining a rich financial experience with knowledge in the entrepreneurial world, enables us to provide professional advisory and prepare Cap Table in Microsoft Excel format for the shareholders in order to monitor the company’s holdings over time, adapt appropriate anti-dilution mechanisms to various shareholders and to deal with decisions related to the vision and future of the company.


Office applications

Microsoft Office applications are the primary tool for any document, contract, presentation, financial models and organizational management. In addition to all the existing services, we provide professional documents of any kind and every field in English and Hebrew, with accordance to the business requirements, such as:

  • Creating simple and complex financial model using Microsoft Excel
  • Presentation design using Microsoft PowerPoints
  • Writing a business plan, conducting market research, documents analysis for projects and businesses and more, using Microsoft Word