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Highcon is a private company, founded in November 2009. Headquartered in Yavne, Israel, Highcon has developed a unique patented converting solution for post print processes in graphic arts industries such as folding carton converting and commercial printing, based on its proprietary DART (Digital Adhesive Rule Technology). This digital cutting and creasing process brings all the benefits previously associated with digital prepress and printing workflow to the existing analogue finishing market.


החברה עוסקת בייזום, פיתוח, הקמה ותפעול של תחנות כח ומתקני ייצור חשמל בישראל ובינהם תחנת הכוח במישור רותם הנמצאת בשלב ההפעלה ותחנת הכוח בחדרה הנמצאת בשלבי הקמה מתקדמים.



Beta Finance founded by a team of leading industry professionals, with expertise in Finance, Regulation, Economics and Management Consulting. Our founding partners shared experience includes Corporate Finance, Project & Structured Finance, Investment Banking, Valuation, Economic Research, Due Diligence, Financial Instruments, Regulation and more.

Yair Udi & Co. Law Office

A Dynamic, Innovative, and Results-Driven law firm. We provide comprehensive legal advice to local and international corporations and individuals, in both complex and day-to-day Corporate, High-Tech, and Real Estate transactions. The firm’s offices are located in the heart of the Israeli Silicon Valley. Our lawyers are equipped with Knowledge, Experience, Interdisciplinary Skill Sets, an Entrepreneurial Spirit, and are Eager to learn and lead.


SP Nano is a nanotechnology company commercializing the use of nanoparticles in components and products made from composite materials. SP Nano’s patented technology, which includes its proprietary SP1/protein, utilizes genetically engineered proteins to create self-assembly nanostructures with Carbon NanoTubes (CNTs) bound to structural fabrics such as carbon fiber, aramid and glass fiber composites.


Innovative company focusing on retirement and pension fields. The company specialized in retirement planning, pension planning, Clearing in front of the Pension Clearing House, consulting for companies and more. The company developed three systems in order to collect data from the Pension clearing house and process it without the need to collect material from the employee.

Heskem Online

Heskem Online provides for each property owner and tenant to obtain a fair, professional and exhaustive lease agreement, customized to both parties and to their agreed terms, within a few short minutes and at a nominal price only. The lease agreement wording is adapted to the most recent legislative and ruling provisions. The lease agreement is a result of a complex development of an online system in which thousands of different data that assimilated. The online system allows customers to purchase a custom rental agreement and receive it in a few minutes.

Lapidot, Melchior, Abramovich & Co. Law Office

A dynamic law firm, representing clients in the full range of transactions and cases involving business and hi-tech law, antitrust, IP, securities, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, as well as commercial litigation, taxation, real-estate, labor and environmental law. Over the past decade, the firm has represented a wide, diverse clientele, ranging from private individuals through small businesses to large and growing local, foreign and multi-national corporations and partnerships, based in Israel, the US, Europe and the Far East.